PVC Co-extruded Foam Sheet

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: KS-F PVC Foam sheet
  • Material: PVC
  • Kind: PVC Plastic Sheet
  • Water Absorption: 0.1%~0.3%
  • Contraction Percentage: <0.4%
  • Tensile Strength: 700
  • Size: 1220*2440mm, 3050X1560mm, 3050X2050mm, as Required
  • Trademark: Kingstar
  • Transport Package: Pallet,Carton,PE Bag(You Can Choose Any)
  • Specification: GB/ATSM D
  • Origin: China
  • HS Code: 3921129000
  • Product Description

PVC Foam Sheet/Board/Panel (Free Foam)

1. Anti-UV, Anti-chemical corrosion
2. Water&Fire proof
3. Sound insulation
4. Smooth and hard surface

Model: KS-F Foam Sheet

Specifications(in millimeters):
1) Width: 910, 1220, 1560mm, 2050mm etc. Available upon request
2) Length: 1830mm, 2440mm, 3050mm, 5400mm etc. Available upon request
3) Thickness: 1-20mm
4) Colors: White, or red, yellow, blue, green, black, pink etc. Available
5) Especially suitable for advertising.

KS-F PVC Sheet is one product of Kingstar PVC series. Through special machinery and technology processing, its main material PVC resin can be free foamed and extruded into a special sheet with many advantages, such as smooth surface, waterproof, anti-chemical corrosion, anti-UV, flame-resistant, sound and heat insulation, etc.

KS-F PVC Sheet is a kind of high-tech product, , and it is manufactured by the equipment imported from well-known Australia CINCINNATI Company. Our production capacity is 36T sheets per day. With more than 15 years' processing experience, we can manufacture different quality-standards PVC Sheet to meet various demands of the markets, and to make sure every piece of sheet can be fully used in its lowest cost.

KS-F PVC sheet has a wide-range uses, especially for advertising uses as its light weight, low cost, various colors and perfect show effect. It is also an ideal material for building and decoration, and other industry uses.

Kingstar Building Material- Build Your Perfect Life!
Machining Properties:
It can be processed easily by common processing wood tools. So
1) It can be nailed, sawed, drilled.
2) It can be turned, glued, welded.
3) It can be shaped, bent by heating.
4) It can be filmed by colorful films or your Logo.

1) Smooth & hard surface and suitable for advertisement: Painting, CNC engraving, silk screen printing
2) UV-protected, Anti-chemical corrosion
3) Fire retardant and it can automatically extinguish by itself
4) Sound insulation, sound absorption, heat insulation and heat preservation
5) Moisture-resistant, mildew proof, water repellent and shock proof
6) Non-deformation, aging-resistant, color fastness for a very long time through particular formula
7) Light weight, easy and convenient for storage, transportation and using
8) Non-deformation, aging-resistant, color fastness
9) Safety, innocuous for man's body.

1. Advertising:
Traffic sign, Highway signboards, Ad signboards, Doorplate, Exhibition display, billboards, Silk screen printing, laser engraving material
2. Building & upholstering
Indoor and outdoor decoration board, Partitions for house, office or public place, Clapboard, Wall paneling, Office furniture, Kitchen & bathroom. Cabinet, door & window making, Portable cabinet, sentry post, Telephone booths
3. Traffic & transit
Interior decoration for ship, steamer, plane, bus, train, metro; Compartment, Side step & rear step for vehicle, ceiling board.
4. Industry use
Chemical industry, Heat moulding, Antiseptic projects, Refrigerator sheet, Special freezing projects, environment friendly engineering, structure for corrosive & moisture environment.

< 3MM ± 10% WITHIN ± 0.2MM
≥ 3MM   ± 6% WITHIN ± 0.5MM
WIDTH  0~5MM (OR 0~3/16" )  WITHIN +3MM
LENGTH 0~10MM(OR 0~3/8" )  WITHIN +5MM
SQUARENESS ± 10 MM (OR  ± 3/16" ) WITHIN ± 8MM


1. How can I do the normal processing on them? Any special machine needed?

Ordinary wood processing machines will work, as shown in the pictures:

2. Can we do painting on PVC foam sheet? Is special painting material needed?

"Yes, you can paint any patterns any color you like on PVC foam sheet.    
The paint oil is different from the one for wood using, but it is easy and cheap to buy since this material is getting popular. But the board could not be painted under high temperature."

3. How can we do the edge?

There are various edge bandings in the market, all suitable for PVC Foam Board, such as PVC, aluminum, acrylic. You could choose according to your design. Here below are some pictures with different kinds of banding:

4. What is its behaviour in fire?

"PVC is a flame-retardant thermoplastic, it extinguishes itself after the source of the flame has been removed.
In accordance to DIN 4102, our product can be classified as flame-retardant material group B1."

5. What is the suitable using temperature of PVC Foam Sheet?

-10℃ ~ 60℃ is the suitable temperature for using, the sheet will get soft and twist under long time higher temperature environment. 

6. Can we laminate other materials on the PVC Foam sheet? How to laminate?

"Yes, it's easy to laminate other materials on the PVC Foam sheet, such as PVC film, Acrylic, HPL, etc.
Glue and cold pressure is engouh for the laminating."